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Lewis - Season 6

Discussion in 'Now Playing - TV Show Talk' started by Hcour, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Hcour

    Hcour Active Member

    Dec 24, 2007
    Recently finished watching the latest season of this detective series (a spin-off of "Inspector Morse"), which I thought a particularly good season. The first ep was so-so, but the remaining three were excellent, as good as the Morse series at its best. And Laurence Fox, as DS James Hathaway, continues to be one of the most appealing and interesting actors on the BBC.
  2. taronga

    taronga Member

    Nov 15, 2006
    I agree, but FYI, Lewis is from ITV, not BBC. Wallander, coming up next month, is BBC (but not half a good as Lewis).

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