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Is there a quick way to empty "Recently Deleted"

Discussion in 'DirecTV TiVo Powered PVRs & Receivers' started by lindsay001, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. lindsay001

    lindsay001 New Member

    Apr 7, 2003
    Centreville, VA
    I have 3 THR22 with 2TB drives. When "Recently Deleted" fills up (500 or 600) programs it slows down the units. Is there a quick way to empty the "Recently Deleted" folder?

  2. stevel

    stevel Dumb Blond TCF Club

    Aug 23, 2000
    Nashua, NH
    No - this is a common TiVo complaint/request.

    Why do you think it "slows down" the DVR, though? I don't know why that should be the case.
  3. Arcady

    Arcady Stargate Fan

    Oct 14, 2004
    How do you end up with 500+ items in recently deleted? I don't ever see more than 20 things in there.
  4. SNJpage1

    SNJpage1 Well-Known Member

    May 25, 2006
    I wish some one would come up with a hack for doing that. It would be great to put in some 3 digit code and the recently deleted list go empty. Maybe Tivo could set it up that after 30 days a file deletes itself from that list.
  5. justen_m

    justen_m Cheesehead

    Jan 14, 2004
    Boise, ID
    I'm guessing the OP has suggestions turned off. I have suggestions on, and never see more than a dozen or two items in recently deleted. The get nuked by suggestions. My drive is only 1Tb, but still.
  6. lindsay001

    lindsay001 New Member

    Apr 7, 2003
    Centreville, VA
    I notice when I clean up the ToDo lists it is more responsive when the "recently deleted" is empty. Also I find the menus more responsive. BTW I do have suggestions turned on, and I keep that cleaned up, so a lot of stuff in the "recently deleted". I also notice less HD activity when the "recently deleted" is empty.

    With all the other things that don't work the same on the THR22 as the DVR40/HDVR2's, it's minor. Right now I can't record VOD, and I've been told to wait for a software update, and Swivel Search only works on 2 out of 3 units. With all the time it took, and the extra cost, the THR22 is still not ready for primetime.
  7. Adam1115

    Adam1115 20,000!!! TCF Club

    Dec 15, 2003
    Denver ish
    It's not a folder that contains anything, think of it as 'undelete'.

    They are already deleted, there's no reason to do anything more with them.
  8. Feb 8, 2013 #8 of 10

    marpezko New Member

    Feb 8, 2013
    I agree Bring out the pitchforks Its mostly a cosmetic bug, but it would be nice if it could be fixed. Maybe the problem is inherent to the forum software though, and Telltale has no control over fixing it?
  9. Feb 8, 2013 #9 of 10

    Adam1115 20,000!!! TCF Club

    Dec 15, 2003
    Denver ish
    It's not a bug, because it's not a problem. Recently Deleted is the equivalent to undelete. You don't need to do anything with it.
  10. chamelea

    chamelea New Member

    Feb 18, 2004
    USA West Coast
    FWIW, I've noticed that my 'deleted' folder seems to hold programs for about two weeks before automatically removing them. (I have Suggestions disabled, and the 'available disk' stat stays around 80%.)

    All of the programs show their date recorded. The date range in my folder today is July 11 to July 27, or 16 days. I'm pretty sure that tomorrow the shows from July 11 will have disappeared.

    Two weeks of deletions varies from 130 to 160 programs, which I suppose is a rough guide to how many television programs I am recording, and then clearing. That means I watch an average of ten programs each day. I'm a cable news junkie, so more than half of those are CNN, MSNBC, or FoxNews (yes, I like to follow both sides of the 'news' spectrum).

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