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Is out of home streaming a scam?

Discussion in 'TiVo Stream' started by tamooreindy, Feb 4, 2014.

Have you attempted to use out of home streaming and succeeded?

Poll closed Feb 14, 2014.
  1. Yes, it works fantastic, this poster is full of crap.

  2. Yes, I tried but it wouldn't work, Tivo marketing is full of crap.

  3. No, I haven't tried. I'm sure someday Apple could do it if Tivo can't.

  4. No, I don't care about this.

  1. moyekj

    moyekj Well-Known Member

    Jan 23, 2006
    Use downloads instead of streaming. (Start a download, wait 20 minutes or so, then start watching).
  2. Gromit

    Gromit Well-Known Member

    Nov 4, 1999
    Atlanta, GA
    Yeah, I discovered that the other night. :)

    I'm pretty sure the hotel wifi is inconsistent. This morning streaming was very watchable.
  3. May 1, 2014 #163 of 165

    Dan203 Super Moderator Staff Member TCF Club

    Apr 17, 2000
    I just discovered that my cable company only sets the CCI byte on Sho and HBO, and on HBO they only set it on the West Coast feed. The East coast one is free. Also most/all of the secondary channels for both HBO and Sho are unprotected. So I can record from them and download/stream anything to my iPad or PC. :up:
  4. wco81

    wco81 Member

    Dec 28, 2001
    San Jose, CA
    So are there any workarounds for streaming protected content out of the home?

    I guess I could just use HBO Go but if you travel overseas, then it won't, without workarounds there too.

    Can you stream over the Internet to Desktop Tivo clients? Or using pyTivo or kttmg?

    Only other thing I can think of would be placeshifting hardware like Sling.
  5. wco81

    wco81 Member

    Dec 28, 2001
    San Jose, CA
    Your cable system has multiple HBO channels in HD?

    Not all system does ...

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