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I Used Hinsdales Guide For My PVR10UK BUT How To Do The LBA48 thingy? (UK TiVo)

Discussion in 'TiVo Upgrade Center' started by marsbarbabe, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. marsbarbabe

    marsbarbabe New Member

    Mar 1, 2003
    Hello All,

    I hope this is the right part of the forum. I've tried using the search facility but always seem to end up reading stuff for USA or series 2 TiVo's. I tried using "LBA48+UK" and other variations but no joy.

    So I hoping some kind sole will be able to point me in the right direction. Also I noticed the the FAQ some guides point to ( http://www.tivofaq.com/hack/faq.html ) is no longer there?? Have I missed the boat on this one?

    Any way the main reason I am here is because I have successfully used the Hinsdale guide (thank you Mr Hinsdale) and upgraded my UK TiVo 40gb single drive to a single 250gb drive. The TiVo is happy and works but I am limited to the 137Gb limit :(

    Is there any easy (or hard) way of enabling the LBA48 thing (kernel?) to make the TiVo see the full 250gb? I am hoping that I don't have to start from scratch with the upgrade again BUT if I have to I'll have to.

    When looking at how to do the upgrade I was really excited about the InstantCake product I found - went to get my credit card out and then read that it's for US TiVo's only :( Is there nothing like this for UK TiVo's for future reference?

    I am also considering getting the Tivo Web and Cachecard upgrade. Everyone seems to recommend 9thTee to buy it from - I am wondering if there are any do's or don'ts or something I should else I should get or be aware of?

    Sorry for so many questions. I've had reading 'overload' chasing the answers.

    Oh and one last question if I may - My backup image is on a C: drive of the only Windows ME PC I could find - which doesn't have a burner. Is there a way I can connect my FAT32 (C:) drive to my newer Windows XP PC so that I can burn it to CD? OR will just doing this ruin the backup image?

    Thank you all for your help in advance and what a great site!

  2. albrandwood

    albrandwood New Member

    Aug 12, 2002
    To the best of my knowledge the LBA48 is restricted to US only, since it requires a series 2 ... which is US only ... Hopefully for your sake, I'm wrong about that ...

    Do: Buy from 9thTee ...
    Don't: buy the ones on eBay ... since they aren't paying 9thTee for the work involved in developing the product ... they just copied it...

    (a) install a burner in the winME machine
    (b) attach the drive inside the XP machine (as a slave)
    (c) Use a USB Enclosure for the drive.

    Whichever you do, will have no effect on the integrity of the backup image. The only reason why you have to be careful with XP and the TiVo HD, is that XP will screwup the partition / boot information whilst it "attempts to be helpfull" and "scent marks" (to use an Animal Planet euphanism) the drive ...

  3. puffdaddy

    puffdaddy Member

    Mar 1, 2006
    You shouldn't have to start from scratch. But you'll need to either find a pre-built S1 Kernel that is lbs48 aware or compile your own. I would think that custom compiled kernels would be easy to come by, as they are GPL, but it's also possible that you're in the minority given that most current development is for S2's & S3's and that reasonably priced drives didn't exceed 128GiB when the S1 dev was hot. What version is the stock kernel on your unit? You're best bet might be to chase down the Todd Miller 3.1 custom kernel. I think that was lba48 aware.
  4. marsbarbabe

    marsbarbabe New Member

    Mar 1, 2003
    Thanks albrandwood - will try getting that image backed up safely.

    Thank you puffdaddy - You sound really experienced. Unfortunately I am not so gifted :( and hope you don't mind a few more questions..

    Where would I find a pre-built S1 Kernel that is lbs48 aware?
    What would I do with it if I found it?

    I haven't a clue about compiling my own one.

    How do I find out what version is the stock kernel on my unit?

    Would it be advisable/allowed to post a request for these on the UK TiVo forum? I don't want to double post and piss off the mods.

    I've read the 14 page thread you mentioned several times and have even more questions -

    It has various links one of which is..
    ... but its way over my head :( - should I give up now?

    I found this - poss kernel ..
    .. if it even is the right one what would I do with it?

    And then it says ...
    "Note that you cannot use the TiVo bootable ISO images or boot floppies that many people like to use since those do not support IDE disks larger than 128GiB. If you don't have a Linux or BSD machine handy, you should be able to use the Knoppix "live CD". "
    ....Do I really have to run http://www.knoppix.org/ on my PC before I can do this? As it says ??

    There must be an easy-ish way to do this :(
    I can't be the only one too dumb can I?

    There are people selling 300GB hard drives ready to drop into my UK spec machine on eBay at over inflated prices. I've just saved up and bought a bare 250gb drive and can't afford to buy 'another'. How are these guys knocking them out so easily?

    One last question - When I was looking for guides on how to do the initial HD upgrade there were references to Hinsdales and Weaknees guides... Any link to weekness seemed broken or dead? Am I missing something?

    Sorry to be so lame and noobish - I've been trying to look for the answers to the above again and my head is buzzing with overload 'again' :(

    Thanks a million for your help so far :D

  5. marsbarbabe

    marsbarbabe New Member

    Mar 1, 2003
    Have I scared everyone away?

  6. puffdaddy

    puffdaddy Member

    Mar 1, 2006
    A post in the UK TiVo's section would help (as those folks are more experienced with S1 hardware--which is becoming less common in the US).

    I would recommend doing to searches in the UK forum first. I searched on "upgrading lba48" and found this thread that references this guide.

    That last guide seems to provide a nice walkthrough, the author looks to have a Thompson TiVo (UK), and the by step instructions even include photos of the comand line screens.

    Good luck!
  7. marsbarbabe

    marsbarbabe New Member

    Mar 1, 2003
    Thank you puffdaddy - that gives me the answers I need.

    I really don't know why I couldn't see that guide when I searched :(

    thank you so much :D


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