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I miss my TiVo - DirecTV hardware is meh...

Discussion in 'DirecTV TiVo Powered PVRs & Receivers' started by Chadster1976, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. Chadster1976

    Chadster1976 New Member

    Sep 25, 2007
    So I've looked around the forums and it seems all of the posts regarding DirecTV and TiVo are at least two years (if not more) old.

    TiVo has focused on cable companies and making sure they can use cable cards to receive and decrypt programming. What about satellite providers that don't use cable cards? I moved over to DirecTV recently and got the Genie multi-room DVR since it was specially offered and had better functions than the TiVo that is offered with Direc...

    So, why is the TiVo that is offered with DirecTV so far behind the Genie as far as hardware is concerned? The new TiVo Roamio seems to match (or beat) the Genie and the Hopper (for the Dish people)... but I can't get it for my satellite service. What's up with that? TiVo and DirecTV teamed up for the second time several years ago, but it also looks like they haven't updated their hardware since then either. Is their partnership fading, or non-existent?

    My old cable provider is no where near the quality or programming choices of DirecTV - that's why I switched... Where DirecTV fails is it's DVR. The Genie SOFTWARE is no where near the quality of TiVo's software. The suggestions are a joke, the fast forward and rewind is skippy and not smooth. The way it fails when reading a bad sector on the hard drive is horrible. The recording season passes is not in any way logical or elegant. This is a great opportunity to kill the Genie that TiVo is missing.

    I want my TiVo back, but I want to keep the DirecTV service - having my cake and eating it too would be nice...

    I miss my TiVo, but don't want to give up my better quality programming.

    PLEASE TiVo - make the newer models available to satellite consumers as well!! You could kill the satellite provider hardware hands down...
  2. midas

    midas I heard that

    Jun 1, 2000
    I just switched from the THR22 to the new Genie about 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately I've been out of he stand-alone Tivo world for many many years. Even with the older Tivo technology, I still miss it. Unfortunately, I was getting so many recording conflicts that I just felt I had to do it. I still have one THR22 left, but that's really my wife's machine.

    Each device has its' advantages. But I agree with most of what you said. The suggestion implementation on the Genie is terrible compared to Tivo. And as you mentioned, the FF is also terrible in comparison.

    But the Genie does some things better too. The search implementation is much better. And the new Sports Search is pretty good too. Of course, it would be better if it actually honored 'Channels I Get'. Hopefully they fix that soon.

    If Tivo and DirecTV really collaborated they could put out one hell of a DVR.
  3. Curt

    Curt New Member

    Oct 26, 2003
    Give a little while. Once you get used to the nuances of Genie, you'll realize how much TiVo sucks ass.

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