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Extending TIVO to Other TV's

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by DCHawk, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. DCHawk

    DCHawk New Member

    Nov 13, 2006
    I did not want to buy 3 new TIVO's and pay the additonal monthly charges for every TV so I am attempting to simply extend my TIVO to all of my TV's using the existing cable connections I already have. My diagram is pretty complex, involving multiple splitters but I am stuck on one point. Is there a way to take your coax cable coming out of the wall, put a splitter on it that splits it into (1) another coax that would go into the back of the TV and (2) into an adapter that allows me to use RCA's to connect to the TV.

    If so, I could watch regular cable on all TV's and use the input channel to watch my TIVO on all TV's. I would only need to get a high powered remote control so that I could control the TIVO from anywhere in the house.
  2. worachj

    worachj Well-Known Member

    Oct 13, 2006
    Eagan, MN
  3. gastrof

    gastrof Hubcaps r in fashion

    Oct 31, 2003
    Potato and pen.

    I'd say just run a coax to the other TVs, and use an A/B switch.

    The type of RF-to-a/v device you're talking about doesn't seem to exist out there.

    Trust me, I've looked.

    The only time I found one was by Go Video about ten years ago, and the thing stopped working after about a year. When I phoned them about it, they said they didn't make it any more.

    I wonder why. :rolleyes:

    There are plenty of gadgets that do the opposite of what you want, that take A/V signals and convert them TO an antenna signal, but to take an antenna signal and convert it to A/V, you'd need something pretty fancy.

    Once in a while you can find wireless A/V transmitters, but I'm not even sure where you'd get one these days.
  4. gastrof

    gastrof Hubcaps r in fashion

    Oct 31, 2003
    Potato and pen.

    As for a "high powered remote", you may not realize it, but the remotes control the TiVo by infra red light that you and I can't see.

    Unless light can go around corners and fill the house where you live, it's not that simple.

    What you might be able to get is a gadget that picks up the IR impulses, and sends a wireless signal to its partner in another room.

    The other half of the gadget (in the other room) produces new IR flashes to match the ones your remote is producing, so the signal gets relayed to the other room that way.

    Try this...


    By the way-
    As for extending A/V from one room to another, try this-


    For other options on both, try here-
  5. DevilDogs

    DevilDogs Steeler Fan

    Dec 29, 2002
    Des Moines,...

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