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extended warranty options

Discussion in 'TiVo Coffee House - TiVo Discussion' started by buscuitboy, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. buscuitboy

    buscuitboy Member

    Aug 8, 2005
    Atlanta area
    I recently got a 4-tuner Premiere. Everything works great so far. I see that I can get a 2yr extended warranty from TiVo directly for this unit for $29. I also see how Square Trade will offer 2 years for $19.

    Not sure I will get one yet, but just wondering if anyone has had any experience with Square Trade? Good? Bad?
  2. atmuscarella

    atmuscarella Well-Known Member

    Oct 11, 2005
    Rochester NY
    Are you paying monthly or did you buy lifetime? I haven't seen anything negative about Square Trade but there is some question about the transferability of lifetime service with the Square Trade warranty (no issue with the one you can buy through TiVo). If you bought lifetime and want to go with Square Trade I would contact TiVo and see what they have to say about it.

    Just as a side note after you are past TiVo's 90 warranty, the extended warranty you buy through TiVo is a ONE time only warranty. You use it, it is done.
  3. consumedsoul

    consumedsoul Member

    Jan 13, 2013
    I got the Square Trade 2 year for $19 as well.
  4. buscuitboy

    buscuitboy Member

    Aug 8, 2005
    Atlanta area
    Paying monthly for the TiVo. I have a lifetime 2-tuner that I got from Best Buy and got their 4yr extended warranty. Was told it can be transferred too. This 4-tuner Premiere wasn't bought from Best Buy though. Hence the reason I am looking into these other options (TiVO & square trade)

    I actually am not really a fan of extended warranties for the most part, but I figured for what I paid for the lifetime of the 2-tuner Premiere, it was a good piece of mind knowing the item will be protected for at least the period it will take to break even with the lifetime.

    And I did not know about TiVo's warranty being a "one and done" type thing. Could tip it in favor of the Square Trade.
  5. jrtroo

    jrtroo Chill- its just TV

    Feb 4, 2008
    The fact is, it is very unlikely that something will break that you cannot fix. I would roll without it, as these insurance policies are there for a purpose, pure profit to the seller.

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