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DTV and Tivo, Series 2-won't work w/ ea other

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by shortsue, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. shortsue

    shortsue New Member

    Mar 23, 2009
    HELP-I just "upgraded" my DTV reciever to get local stations and my TIVO series 2 will not work with the reciever they installed. I have a H20 600 DTV reciever and a Series 2 TIVO. My old reciever worked with TIVO real well but this one does not hook up. The DTV guy I spent 25 mins. on the phone with said I need some kind of adapter and then it will work? What adapter do I need and where do I get it? It appears that it needs to connect to a "data" line....a phone line is what was unhooked and left hanging from my TIVO! HELP.
  2. halfempty

    halfempty Member

    Oct 17, 2008
    Miami, FL
  3. binky11

    binky11 New Member

    Feb 7, 2007
    I noticed today that my tivo wont update anymore past March 30th. When trying to connect to phone line it says phone in use. NOT. Has not connected to phone line since March 16th. I called them today (Tivo) and they said my cable was digital and now my phone also through same shaw cable company that they are not overly compatable but not impossible to make do-able. He told me I need to buy a DSL filter (simuliar to a phone spliter) very inexpensive and that should help. I'll try that tomorrow but I might also get frustrated and just go back to my old phone provider not connected with my cable company. I'm a female and not to smart with this electrical stuff.
    BTW, he said to plug the phone cord into the voice/phone end and not the data/computer end. Geeeezz maybe I'm not making much sense and should shut up before I really confuse someone.
  4. CuriousMark

    CuriousMark Forum Denizen

    Jan 13, 2005
    If I understand you correctly, you switched from a regular phone service, to a digital phone service through your cable provider. The new service does not work well with telephone computer modems or fax machines. There are several things you can try to help with this. The first suggestion to use a DSL line filter might help some, it keeps very high frequency digital noise on the new phone line that you cannot hear from getting into the DVR's modem and confusing it. Connect it the way it tells you to and it will be fine. If it works after that, great, if not there there are more things you can try. Here are some of those tricks.
    1) Call the cable company and find out if there is a dialing prefix you can enter to put the line in fax mode or modem mode. If there is, add that prefix to the dialing prefix entry in phone and network setup on the TiVo DVR. This prefix, will differ based on the cable company, and some don't even have one, otherwise I could be more precise.
    2) Try one of these dialing prefixes on the DVR. ,#019 or ,#034 where you enter the comma with the pause button on the remote and you enter the pound symbol with the Enter button on the remote. These go into the dial prefix entry in phone and network settings on the DVR. They can be combined with a fax mode prefix if the cable company gives you one. You may have to experiment and try different orders for the prefixes. Use either ,#019 or ,#034 but not both at the same time. These prefixes slow the modem in the DVR down so that it can squeeze its signal through the narrower digital phone line.

    All the above are workarounds. Since you now have a cable modem, you could use it, or set up a home network and have your DVR connect that way instead of using a phone line. Depending on the model of the DVR, the effort could be fairly easy. Please post back with your DVR model and whether or not you have a home network or router installed on your cable modem. (some cable modems are routers, give us the model number and we can look it up).

    If anything above was confusing, please feel free to ask questions and I will try to be less confusing.
  5. binky11

    binky11 New Member

    Feb 7, 2007
    You may be sorry you ask me to be free to ask questions lol
    What a terrible frustrating day I have had, and now that I've killed the cat, taken a midol, blasted my shaw cable provider and taken a chill pill, I've decided I really need to come back here and try for help. I am not good with explaining things and as a female am electronically challenged, so please bear with me.

    Both my mother and myself who live in same city have tivo series2 machines. We both used to be on telus communications for our phone line. About 1 year ago she switched ( and about 6 months I switched) our phone service to be added to our shaw cable so that we would have to deal with only 1 bill for all 3 utilities. 3 days ago we both got messages saying that there has been no successful attempts to update our tivo since March 16th and that we would no longer be getting ANY updates past March 30th.
    When I tired to manually connect, the message I get is "phone in use" which it is not. Everybody including tivo support suggested I buy the DSL filter and so I did, today. It did not work. I then decided to call my shaw cable provider.
    They said the DSL filter would not work as they work only with ADSL, or maybe they said they don' work with ADSL and they have no support for tivo as they they know nothing about it. They sell their own brand of PVR's and can only offer support for their own. He did make it clear that by the way their digital phone lines worked that a DSL filter would be useless for me. (Also I was quoted about $2.50 for this filter and it was $22.32, which I will return tomorrow lol
    You asked for my DVR model, does series 2 answer your question or do you need an actual number?
    I would like to go for the option to hook up via the internet but it overwhelmes me as to whether or not I have the smarts to do it.
    We have 2 computers in the house. The main computer unfortunately is in the bedroom, far from living room where tv is, and in there is the wireless router and modem. The computer in bedroom is not being run via the wireless but my computer out here in living room is running via wireless.
    So, to hook my tivo up to broadband/internet, do I just need to purchase the usb specially designed for the tivo and plug it into the back of the tivo? There is 2 usb ports there plus the ethernet port. I do have an ethernet cord but wouldn't know what to do with it. I have to be explained things in laymans terms for sure. If there was someone in my area I would gladly pay $100.00 to have them come hook this up for me as someone said with the right equipment it's a small job. But our tivo does goes through a dvd/vhs surround sound system and not directly from digital cable box to tivo.

    Shaw Phone modem goes from wall to first box is......
    1. ARRIS Model TM602G

    Next in line is Shaw Cable Modem...
    2. TERAYON Model or Serial 024440002353 That is the only number on it
    This is hooked into #1

    Next is the Router...
    This is hooked into #2

    This is all hooked into to the bedroom computer
    The living room computer is hooked into the bedroom computer with a wireless USB

    The TIVO is supposed to be able to use the phone which is connected with the #1 modem

    Now have I really confused you?

    I guess my bottom line question is what purchases I would need to make and what steps I would need to take to switch from phone updating to internet?
    Unfortunately I not not qualify for all the other perks that come with being on broadband such as movie downloads, contests ect because I live in Canada!

    What is also confusing to me is why my mother and myself both were doing fine after switching to digital/cable phone for 7 and 12 months before we had problems. Now both of us have no way to receive updates after March 30th and this sends me into a tivo frenzy, I am in panic mode. Theres not much more important to me than my tivo, sad, but true.

    If anymore questions/info needed please let me know and thanks a million for you your willingness to help me out here

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