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Does anyone with an XL4 and a TA have all features working?

Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by jeffm1911, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. jeffm1911

    jeffm1911 New Member

    Dec 28, 2012
    Cincinnati, OH
    I have a Tivo XL4 on Time Warner and a Cisco Tuning Adapter. It has a few of the issues that many are running into, such as no suggestions and the black screen issue where channels won't tune and recordings are missed.

    I have made a few posts in these threads about the problems I am seeing with my XL4, but I thought I would try something different and ask:

    Is anyone running an XL4 with a Tuning Adapter is NOT seeing any problems and has ALL features running the way they should? Is it even possible for a 4tuner DVR using a TA to work properly and not run into the problems with tuning, no suggestions, etc?
  2. jeffm1911

    jeffm1911 New Member

    Dec 28, 2012
    Cincinnati, OH
    I forgot to mention that I also tried a 3-tuner HDHomerun Prime running with Windows Media Center, and it would have sporadic problems tuning channels and missing a recording here and there. I then brought a used 2-tuner Premiere, and had almost no problems, which made me think it would be safe to try an XL4. Once I started running the XL4 it ran OK for 4-5 days or so, and then yesterday the problems started. This makes me wonder if there is a problem with multi-stream DVRs and CableCards/Tuning Adapters in general, or if it is really that Cisco Tuning Adapters are really as flaky and prone to problems as Tivo support (and support for the HDHomerun Prime) claim they are. Both support teams claim that it can sometimes take several tries before getting a good working Cisco TA.

    Anyone who actually has an XL4 running a TA (particulary a Cisco TA) with no problems please chime in. Thanks.
  3. CoxInPHX

    CoxInPHX COX Communications

    Jan 14, 2011
    Phoenix, AZ
    Yes, Elite/XL4 w/ Cisco TA works fine very few issues. I manually reboot the TiVo and the TA on average every 2-3 weeks, just for good measure. My first 2 TAs did not connect and maintain a lock on the DAVIC connection to the cable headend, I demanded a brand new TA and the 3rd one worked correctly. There is a Manufactured Date on the bottom tag. I have also ran into issues were the TA was not correctly coded to my account. I highly doubt that returned TAs are thoroughly checked before returning them to service.

    See the Cisco TA troubleshooting and look thru the TiVo TA Diagnostic Screens and compare to the data I have posted.

    The issues you have posted indicate a TA that is not working correctly.

    You should also look though the CableCARDs: Troubleshooting with MMI Screens
  4. jeffm1911

    jeffm1911 New Member

    Dec 28, 2012
    Cincinnati, OH
    Thanks for the links! I have been searching through the forums but somehow I missed these.
  5. zerophin

    zerophin New Member

    May 17, 2012
    My Elite with TWC/Cisco TA worked generally well for about 8 months. Some switched channels were problematic at times. That said, since January I've had the "black screen" tuning problem repeatedly making it extremely unreliable to the point that I'm strongly considering jumping to satellite :( At my rope's end unfortunately.
  6. Kerwin51580

    Kerwin51580 New Member

    Sep 20, 2012
    New York...
    It's been working well for me too. Every now and then the TAs will lock up on me -- even pressing the power button on the front doesn't respond -- and require a reboot.

    I've had tuning problems in the past, but never missed a recording because of it.
  7. mrizzo80

    mrizzo80 Well-Known Member

    Apr 16, 2012
    I'm in the same city as the OP. My Elite worked great from purchase in June 2012 until the middle of January.

    Have had nothing but problems since then. Tuning is completely unreliable from hour-to-hour and sometimes minute-to-minute. TWC replaced the outside drop, the entire outlet run, the tuning adapter (2x) and the cable card. Signal levels are now great. I usually have to call the CableCARD hotline to have them send hits to the equipment to restore lost channels. I don't think they are doing anything that the local support office can't do though; so I guess I'll stop calling them and waiting through the 30 minute hold. Seems to work for a day or 2 then the problems start up again.

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