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cox nva channel tuning problem-headend?

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by rainbow, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. rainbow

    rainbow Member

    Feb 7, 2008
    problem has been going on for about 2 months. had techs come out, they finally think it is a headend channel programming issue. However, nothing so far has been resolved.

    End of May/beginning of June, I did a new guided setup on my premiere after moving it to another room. (wanted to include antenna stations as well). this one has cable cards and a TA.

    Now, when TA is on, I get a screen stating someone to the effect of "this station requires a cardcard, pls contact your cable provider". When I turn the TA off, some channels all of the sudden will appear. Example, cannot get ch.1026 (pbs HD) with TA, it works w/TA off. Actually - I get a spanish channel (1014 on my lineup on ch 1026 with the TA on. When TA is on, there are some channels I do get, like BRAVO HD, that I can't get when I turn off the TA.

    Also, some of the channels are not what they say they are by the guide info. Example - Channel 1081 is supposed t be USAHD - it is showing ESPN SD. Channel 1078 is supposed to be AnimalPlanetHD - it is SPEED SD. Channel 1073 is supposed to be HISTORYHD, but is is SPIKE SD. Channel 1076-1071 all don't show up at all.

    And it goes on, and on.

    I also had relocated an S3 to another room, and did the same thing-new guided setup around the same time. This S3 -does not- have any cable cards or TA. I have the same problem w/that one, getting the Spanish channel on channel 1026 when 1026 is supposed to be PBS.

    I have been talking w/the tech over the last 2 months, and he says that this problem is popping up more, but there is no resolution.

    Luckily, I do have a S3 in the living room that is working, pulling in all of the stations correctly. That one was a recent purchase and i did a guided setup the end of MAY for that one.

    So this problem appeared sometime the beginning of June.

    anyone familiar with this situation? anyone has any resolution?
  2. rainbow

    rainbow Member

    Feb 7, 2008
    The tech I have been in contact with (haven't called him in a week or 2) had said that this problem was cropping up with others so they are certain it is not a problem with anything on my side.
    He said it had to be a channel line-up prblm which comes from their Atlanta offices.

    He also had told me that many eyes were on this problem. But, haven't heard of any solutions yet.

    The guide data I get from Tivo reflects what each channel should be. The actual channels are not what they are supposed to be.

    I am so glad that I do have 1 tivo that is working properly with the correct channels. Otherwise, this would be a really big issue with me. Right now it is just very annoying.
  3. CoxInPHX

    CoxInPHX COX Communications

    Jan 14, 2011
    Phoenix, AZ
    Got your PM,

    This is an S3, correct?
    Are your CableCARDs S-Cards or M-Cards?
    Have you tried New M-Cards?
    Have you tried a New TA?

    Did you take a look at the Cisco Tuning Adapter Troubleshooting Info I posted, It might be of some assistance.

    I don't believe channel line-up issues are handled by Atlanta, I believe they are handled by your local headend engineers.

    Contact the Cox Social Media Tech Team, and ask for a Field Team Leader to contact you.

    Since I haven't seen any other Cox NoVA TiVo owners reporting issues like yours, your issue is probably your equipment, whether the CableCARDs, TA, or even the TiVo itself.

    Have you tried a Clear and Delete Everything
  4. rainbow

    rainbow Member

    Feb 7, 2008
    over about a 1-2 month period, TA was swapped 3 times; cable cards were changed and then unpaired/re-paired multiple times.

    I did have a more senior tech out and he saw 1st hand the issues. Determined it was not anything on my end.

    I have 1 S3 that is working properly, w/guided setup done the end of may.

    I have 1 S3 and 1 Premiere, guided setups were done the wknd of 8JUN and that is when I started getting the incorrect channels.

    I'll have to call James (cox tech) again to see if he knows anything more.
  5. rainbow

    rainbow Member

    Feb 7, 2008
    just for clarification and documentation in case others end up with this problem, clear and delete would not help. I had a hd from an oled S3 I had purchased, unused and sitting on a shelf. I transferred that HD to one of my active S3's and did a new guided setup. since this HD was brand new i figured it would be a way of eliminating the S3 as the potential problem.

    Had same issues with incorrect channels showing up. Made no difference.
  6. rainbow

    rainbow Member

    Feb 7, 2008
    These are the responses from my Premiere with cable card and Tuning Adapter

    channel 1081 is fxhd. channel 1080 is supposed to be usahd, but broadcasts as ESPN SD.

    The channels 1263 thru 1081 seem to be as they are supposed to be. The problem starts @ 1080 as noted above.

    1079/supposed to be TRUTVHD- is TRUTV SD
    1078/supposed to be APLHD-broadcasts as SPEED SD
    1077/ HISTRYHD - broadcasts as SPIKE SD
    1076/ A&EHD-"prblm w signal on this cable channel"-does not come in.
    same banner displays for channels 1075,1074,1073,1072,1071.
    1070-broadcasts correctly - HLNHD
    1069/TWCHD-"prblm w signal on this cable channel"
    1068/CNBCHD-"prblm w signal on this cable channel"
    1067/MNBCHD-broadcasts as WGN SD
    1066/BETHD - "prblm w signal on this cable channel"-
    1065/CMTVHD - broadcasts as CSPN SD
    1064/VH1HD-"prblm w signal on this cable channel"-
    1062/MTVHD-"prblm w signal on this cable channel"-
    1060/FOODHD-"prblm w signal on this cable channel"-
    1059/HGTVHD-"searching for signal for this cable chl"
    1058/LIFEHD-"searching for signal for this cable chl"
    1057/CSNDCHD-"prblm w signal on this cable channel"
    1056/ESPNHD-"prblm w signal on this cable channel"-
    1055/ESPN2HD-"prblm w signal on this cable channel"
    1054/SPEEDHD-"prblm w signal on this cable channel"
    1053/SPIKEHD-"prblm w signal on this cable channel"-
    1031/WGNHD - ?
    1026/WETAHD - broadcasts @ TELEFUTURA SD

    same banner as above also for the following channels:
    1020-WDCADT/1017-TBSHD/1015-IONHD/1014-Univison/1009-WUSAHD (CBS)/1007/WJLAHD (ABC)/1005/WTTGDT(fox)/1004-WRCDT(NBC)/1003-WDCWDT.

    there are also similar type problems w/channels from 903 downward, which I won't list right now. If you need that listing, let me know.

    NOTE: THEN WHEN I TURN OFF THE TUNING ADAPTER, channels 1087/1056/1055/1026/1022/1020/1015/1014/1009/1009/1005/1004/1003 come in fine.

    one last thing, last night I saw an annoucement on tv that COX on 07SEP is changing the following channels to new locations:
    WGNHD from 1031 to 1098
    SPIKEHD from 1053 to 1061
    BRAVOHD from 1100 to 1062
    MTVHD from 1062 to 1063
    ABCFamilyHD from 1101 to 1089
    MASN HD from 1102 to 1053

    here we go again..........
  7. rainbow

    rainbow Member

    Feb 7, 2008
    latest update.

    new HD channel was added - channel 1008. comes through just fine now. However, the other channels around it still only show the banner that states - 'you may need cablecard to get this channel' (which I have).
    that is channels 1004/nbc hd 1005/fox hd 1007/abc hd and 1009/cbs hd.

    no changes yet to any of the other channels - status quo.

    whatever they did for me to get 1008 - they need to do to my other channels so that can come thru.

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