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CableCARD pairing

Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by russkle, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. russkle

    russkle New Member

    Sep 25, 2003
    For some reason I had the crazy idea that I could just move the CableCARD that was in my TV and slide it into the S3. That way I only have to deal with one install when Cox arrives tomorrow.

    Well, all seemed to go well; however, the CableCARD CP Screen still says "Waiting for CP Auth". There is a list of channels that I cannot pull up (actually it is most of them). It seems to be any channel that is "encrypted" and requires some sort of challenge/response to get it working. (I might just be making that up... I'll explain why I think that in a bit).

    These channels will come up; however, it will only play 4-5 seconds and then freeze. The remaining channels work just fine. I can always vie the 4-5 seconds as long as I am coming from a channel that doesn't have that problem. This only occurs when using the "Test Channels" option when configuring the CC. Browsing to these problem channels don't display anything on the TiVo when trying to watch normally.

    Just to make sure, I put the CC back into my TV. Now the same problem exists on the TV. It was working fine before I started this whole process. The only think I noticed that was different is that the channels that "freeze" are reported as "not authorized". From this I assumed that the "freeze" problem above was due to this authentication problem.

    I called Cox and had them do a "Pairing Ping" to the card. That didn't change anything. I was playing vague with the guy and just having him troubleshoot the TV side of things. I didn't want to get into the whole S3 explanations with him over the phone.

    So is this simply something that the installer of the second card can resolve? Is something wrong with that card? Should the phone tech been able to do something else so I could get that one card up and running?

    The installer will be here later tomorrow... but the tech mentioned that he may not look at the other card since that is not what he is coming for. I set up another install on Saturday for the second card if for some reason they won't help me out in the first call.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

  2. Roderigo

    Roderigo New Member

    Mar 11, 2002
    Brookdale, CA
    It's any channel that has copy protection on it. Thus, your cable company has some form of copy protection on most of their channels.

    By placing the card in the TiVo, you broke the binding with your TV. However, I would have expected the "Pairing Ping" to resolve that issue (assuming this is with Scientific Atlanta Cards - with Motorola, there's dynamic information that changes when you move cards - so you'd have to give the cable company the new "data" field as well).

    The cable company should be able to clear all this up over the phone. Whether you can convince them to do this is another issue.
  3. flackman

    flackman New Member

    Feb 28, 2006
    I had this exact same problem when trying to move my cablecard from a sony 40XBR to 32XBR. That time I had a tech come out. I wasn't in the mood to box 8 rounds and was willing to work from home that day.

    See my post on Road Runner specific for details.

    Note that if you look in SCTE 41 a cablecard MUST be able to pair with another HOST_ID even if it fails auth. That means, it cannot "loop" itself if you try to take it to your buddy's house to watch the big game. But don't fret, it does anyway! You'll have to have it replaced.

    On that topic:

    Bringing the game to your buddy's is WAY WORSE than inviting everyone to YOUR house. That card is way more portable than your cable box. If the cable box were EVER be transported, it might take 20 engineers and at least 4 forklifts. Might as well spec out a demolitions team. Never know what may stand in the way of getting what you paid for.

    Nevermind the fact that if you were really going to cheat the cable company out of its $40-80 a month, you could bring YOUR TV to your friend's house. Have the cable guy come out and install the cable card in it, and bring it home! Give your buddy the $1.75/month and be done with it. Now you're a real world-class loser but at least you save $600/year in cable. Over your 40 or so 'earning' years that's $24000. Wow! You win!

    Welcome to the digital media protection age... meanwhile one can download full h.264 transport streams of hd movies directly captured from dtv. Not that anybody who owns a dvd of spiderman 2 or a subscription to HBO should have access to that 10 gb file. That would be stealing. Even if you paid $9 at the theatre to see it. Who do you think you are?

    If I ever am able to transfer hd recordings from my tivo to my pc ala TTG I enjoyed so much--if ever-so-shortly on my series 2--I think tv as we know it would end. If not the entire US economy.

    With my MCE box when I transfer HD shows seamlessly to my 360, I know
    someplace, somewhere, I have starved the entire family of a major network studio executive. And further, the impact from that starves the entire block they lived on. Just imagine how I feel when my MCE real time transcodes h.264s to stream on the 360. It's like climbing Mount Everest, if only Mount Everest were built from starving children of network TV executives.

    I fear the day the real joe 6-pack has access to DVRs.

    Best Regards,

    Flack Man

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