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Bad audio from Tivo? / "Intermittent" "squealy" audio / "Kazoo" Audio

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by mrcoaster, May 2, 2002.

  1. richs

    richs New Member

    Apr 22, 2002
    Just wondering if anyone else tried using an in-line cable signal amplifier to solve the occasional tinny sound problem. I just installed one last night and so far so good. I installed it on the cable from the wall and before the cable box. The instructions say to put it after the cable box but when I did the picture was messed up. It's comforting to know others were having this problem but it's annoying to know that Tivo can't fix it.
  2. Nov 2, 2004 #142 of 228

    Cholula New Member

    Oct 11, 2004
    I keep gettign the same sounds and no fix :( Any idea if this will go if i change the hardrive?

  3. Nov 8, 2004 #143 of 228

    JimMcGowanInlet New Member

    Apr 15, 2003
    I just had the same kazoo problem and after talking to several support people one person suggested a reboot and my problem went away. My TiVo is on a UPS and hasn't been rebooted in months. All the TiVo support people claimed they never heard of this problem. Even the person who suggested the reboot claimed he never heard of the problem before.


    I added a 120G hard drive to my system. I waited until the warranty was over cuz I figured if anything went wrong after that I'd have to pay to fix it anyway. I was aware that TiVo can see the extra hard drive but I didn't know once the cover has been removed they abandon you. So even if your willing to pay for repairs, TiVo will not repair or exchange it... forever. Its fine if your Hard drive blows up thats easy to fix by yourself but if the main logic board has a problem that means the unit is trash and so is your lifetime subscription.

    Everyone should be aware that once the cover is opened you can never have the unit repaired by TiVo. Expanding your TiVo is still a good idea but now that I know I can NEVER have it repaired I may wait till I get closer to the break even point of a lifetime subscription on my next unit.
  4. luis21

    luis21 New Member

    Dec 31, 2004
    I have series 2 tivo, bought it like last week at best buy. My is not the kazoo problem, mines this audio static problem, popping sounds . I restarted the system and went away for 5 minutes and it came back. it happens here and there for longs periods of time. I want to stay with my tivo, but if the promblem is daily im going to returned it. I hope sound fixes this problem.
  5. Jan 5, 2005 #145 of 228

    marckobi New Member

    Jan 4, 2005
    Hi - Luis21 and everyone else - Popping, crackling, sound cuts out, static at the end of voices - I've been searching for this issue on the boards and can't seem to find it mentioned much, however it seems that Comcast is a common link?

    Did you get a fix or even a reason for this (has anyone?) or did a new model do the trick? My sound was good yesterday and Monday then went bad during the morning news today (popping and cut out).

    Also - tried cable direct to Tivo, skipped the splitter, skipped the cable box and the problem was still there. So, signal strength, Comcast or Tivo....???

  6. Jan 5, 2005 #146 of 228

    ccwf 国際化 Member

    Dec 29, 2001
    Problems other than the kazoo problem should be posted in other threads, please. Posting about other problems here makes it more confusing for people looking for help or status updates on the kazoo audio issue.

    Anyways, I doubt it's signal strength. It's probably a bad coaxial cable, bad connections with the coaxial cable, or a defective TiVo DVR or cable box. In any case, don't use RF over coaxial where you can avoid it.
  7. cowboyshootist

    cowboyshootist New Member

    Oct 14, 2004
    Seatte, WA

    I have seen this problem, or perhaps a very similar one on a couple of occasions. Usually the Kazoo audio only lasts a few minutes. We watch alot of HD programming off our Comcast system (Seattle/Everett WA area). I mostly notice it on HD ABC (Komo 4, Cable 104).

    It appears to me that it happens when the programming changes from an HD signal to a non-HD signal such as switching to a commercial. Usually it will resolve itself when the HD program comes back from a commercial break. As I mentioned it's only happened a couple of times that I have seen so it's hard to be sure what's causing it.

    I've noticed too that sometimes a Widescreen HD program will show as a standard 4x3 program and then all of a sudden it will switch to the WS mode. It's possible that the Kazoo problem and the Widescreen problem are due to poor signals from the cable company or perhaps the broadcaster (mostly ABC from what I have seen).

    For what it's worth I have a 3 month old Series 2 Tivo, 80Gb. I use an S-Video cable between the HD Cable box and the Tivo. The audio is routed through a Denon A/V receiver.

  8. AndyWooZ32

    AndyWooZ32 New Member

    Jan 12, 2005
    Bay Area, CA
    Funny (or not), I bought mine in December from Best Buy, and I am having the exact same problem. It's a simple set up too... I plug my cable (not cable box) into the back of Tivo, use the RCA cables provided and connect the back of Tivo to the TV. Sporadically, whether it's live TV, or watching a TIVO-recorded problem, I will have static SOUND that is extremely annoying. It comes and goes.

    Read through some other forums and heard about rebooting fixing it. But for me, it's temporary at best. Cable direct to TV is fine... always has been, I'm guessing always will. Called Tivo support, they suggested something wrong with the wires, loose, etc. checked, double checked, swapped them with other cables, same thing.

    They also suggested getting a signal booster. It works fine directly to the TV without one. <sigh>

    I'm about to box it up and return it to Best Buy for another unit. Hate to do this, but I don't want to wait 35 minutes or so in queue, to continue my case with Tivo to try to solve it.

    Problem is, I already signed up for a lifetime subscription, and the subscription is tied to the box. ARGH! :(

  9. ccwf

    ccwf 国際化 Member

    Dec 29, 2001
    Don't worry, if you make an authorized exchange under warranty or under the out-of-warranty service, the lifetime subscription will be transferred to the new box.

    As I wrote above, static is generally a problem with coaxial or a cable box or the TiVo DVR. If you are sure the coaxial is fine (working fine with your TV is not a good test but measuring the signal strength is), then it's probably your TiVo DVR. If the TiVo DVR is under warranty, exchanging it is easy. If you have cable modem or cable box, many will show some signal strength info.

    But, finally, this thread is for the kazoo audio problem. Let's please keep discussion here to this problem and post static in audio issues in the other threads about static issues.
  10. rlmdean

    rlmdean New Member

    Jan 18, 2005
    St. Simons...
    My series 2 TIVO started the high pitched kazoo noise a couple of days ago. It happened on both the coax & rca connections. I found this thread, rebooted the TIVO and it went away. I appreciate the help & want to say to all the disgruntled people that are upset TIVO hasn't found a way to prevent it that a TIVO unit is essentially a computer with a motherboard, harddrive & operating system. Having to reboot it every once in a while should not be interpreted as a serious flaw that the manufacturer is ignoring. I have to reboot my computers at least once a week & this is the 1st time I have had to reboot any of my TIVOs. That's a pretty good track record in my opinion.
  11. bobdole369

    bobdole369 New Member

    Dec 21, 2004
    I had the same popping sounds as you did Luis21 and others. Tivo told me to return it to Best Buy. Maybe thats our common link? I also happen to have Comcast Digital cable. cable into motorola cable box, then into tivo via RCA, then into tv via RCA (and stereo as well)

    This is my second series 2 40 hour. Replacement has not had the popping sounds yet. It DOES have something semi-similar to the kazoo audio but doesn't quite sound like the MP3. It hapened they day I got the new one, and for a night I put up with it, then was ready to pack it up and get a third, when I read these boards. Rebooting fixed it (that was about 2 weeks ago on new years eve.). It's like if someone were to "add" some white noise to the "ends" of someones words. It varies with the input volume so it gets horrible when its loud and almost goes away when its quiet. kinda like if you were talking with just a little bit too much saliva in your mouth.

    It gives a rough edge to every sound, like a sawtooth.

    Anyhoo I'm calling Tivo to see if they'll authorize another replacement.

    I wonder how the rebates gonna work now?
  12. pedxing

    pedxing Zik-Zak

    Apr 3, 2002
    This sounds just like the problem I'm having with my few-years-old AT&TiVo. But it never happened before I got 7.1/TTG! I wonder if it was just about stressed with the old OS and the new one pushed it over the top? I'll try the cold boot...

  13. schof

    schof New Member

    Jan 28, 2005
    I have a sony svr2000. I had mine repaired for the "kazoo" problem. It was within warranty, although I had to send it to sony twice before the resolved the problem to my satisfaction. First they replaced the hard drive, although it had never crashed. I supposes they didn't ever replicate the problem on the bench so this must be SOP.after I got it back, almost as soon as I set it up and started using it I realized they had not repaired the problem. So next they replaced the main board. What else is left? So basically it's a new unit. well the problem was gone.... for a while. it came back after six months or so. My take on this is it's got to be a design issue. And since it acts like a software problem but apparently can't be, then it's probably a DSP (digital signal processor) problem. DSPs exist in the land between hardware and software. It could be a physical design problem of the dsp or a problem with the hardwired code they execute. I would tend to think of it in terms of the pentium floating point flaw. Like wise I would think they would have as much success re-testing the design as they would waiting for the problem to occur in a lab. Take what I say for what it's worth, since I'm not an expert.

  14. Feb 1, 2005 #154 of 228

    JediRich New Member

    May 20, 2002
    just a followup...
    I had kazoo problem last august. Rebooted and haven't had the problem since.
    Using Cox Cable.
  15. CHM

    CHM New Member

    Feb 10, 2005
  16. CHM

    CHM New Member

    Feb 10, 2005
    Been in the av business for 10 years, 1st heard this problem at a customers house with 2 sony sats hooked up throughout a house with channel plus modulators. The exact same kazoo/tinny sound. One sat was replaced and the problem never came back. This had no tivo in the loop and was around 6 years ago. Had same problem at another customers house with same result, replacing the sony sat and problem never came back. Have had my 1st problem with this noise with sony sat hooked up to the pioneer tivo/dvd burner dvr810. Reboot will fix the problem temporally, but it always comes back. This has been a on going problem for my customer for around a year. Sounds like it has been a problem for a lot of people for a while. Think I will try replacing the sat 1st for this has fixed my problems in the past.

    Any other help on this topic would be very helpful.

  17. sgroberts

    sgroberts New Member

    Feb 11, 2005

    I've got the series 2 TiVo (2+ago) and within the last month or so it's been very erratic sometimes recording with audio and more recently without. I've been reading this thread, and have tried everything that's been suggested and nothing's worked to date. The TiVo is connected to my Comcast digital/HD cable box and then to my Yamaha RXV620 receiver. Is it hardware, software (4.01) or is it time to get a new one? any ideas?
  18. tooberand

    tooberand New Member

    Apr 18, 2003
    I've had my Series 2 for close to three years and have never had a problem until the TTG software was installed. That's when I started getting the kazoo effect as well. I've tried switching my satellite receivers and that did not fix it. I also split the audio coming out of my satellite receive and when the TiVo is kazoo-ing, the split signal from my stereo sounds just fine. I guess I'll be contacting TiVo to see what my options are. I wish they could just put the old software back on the box.
  19. jboehm

    jboehm New Member

    Aug 30, 2002
    I've had my att series 2 for 2.5 years now, I think. I had the Kazoo problem with the orginal software (ver. 2??) but it went away for a long time ( all of ver 3??) but its back now with version 7. The problem definatly reappeared with the version 7 update. I wish I could revert to the old system software.

  20. macdon2

    macdon2 Thinking...

    Feb 22, 2005
    At work
    I posted this on another new thread not know this one was here, thank you charles (did a search and all and didn't come up with anything) anyhoo...I just started to experience the kazoo audio as well on a month old Series 2 540 connected from a DirecTV receiver. Will try the reboot. Very annoying.

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