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Any Suddenlink CableCard stories?

Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by raober, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. JettM

    JettM New Member

    Dec 2, 2008
    It looks like the values for validation on my Tivo Conditional Access page are incorrect. No "V" in the Val?: and MP instead of "S" in the Auth: field. SL tried to re-validate the card today...no luck.
  2. JettM

    JettM New Member

    Dec 2, 2008
    Problem fixed. The solution was having SL remove the M-Card from the account completely and then add it back in and configure it.

    I got a lot of direct personal attention on this from SL Abilene. SL corporate also got involved. The local manager actually came out to the house even after it was working just to verify everything was correct.
  3. popyee

    popyee New Member

    Feb 11, 2009
    Suddenlink installed my M cable card today with no problems. I thank Pete Abel for making this painless.
  4. Yosemitebob

    Yosemitebob TWC DVR SUCKS

    Feb 20, 2005
    Leawood Kansas
    I'm moving from Time Warner country to out in the country. Actually Spring Hill Kansas is not that small of a town and it's only about 15-30 min from KC and it's suburbs. But according Chad with Suddenlink customer service who said that I live in too small of a town so they don't have to give me a cable card. I explained that it was a FCC requirement in all 50 states and that got me nowhere. He said that Suddenlink was not aware of this regulation. I even said that I was going to file a complaint with the FCC (which I did immediately). He still said that they wouldn't give me one. I am not yet a Suddenlink customer but would like to be one. So we will see. Has anyone else gotten the you live in the sticks response?
  5. Pete Abel

    Pete Abel New Member

    Dec 2, 2008
    I'm with Suddenlink @ Corp. HQ. If you'll contact me by email (pete.abel@suddenlink.com) with details on how to contact you outside this forum, I'll follow up accordingly. Thanks.
  6. Pete Abel

    Pete Abel New Member

    Dec 2, 2008
    Yosemite Bob -- I did some additional checking and have been told that we (Suddenlink) can in fact provide you with a Cable Card, as you suspected. I'm sorry you were not given the correct information before. Please email me (pete.abel@suddenlink.com) and I'll have the senior manager for that area make sure that you're taken care of.
  7. SugarBowl

    SugarBowl Member

    Jan 4, 2007
    Cary, NC
    does suddenlink use SDV in west virginia?
  8. JF0rd

    JF0rd New Member

    May 28, 2009
    I am in Ruston, LA and had a reasonably good experience with my CableCard request from SuddenLink.

    First I called customer support and spoke with a lady who was adamant that SuddenLink did not do CableCards. She got tech support on the line and they verified what I told her. Once she realized I was right, she hung up (I didn't get her name unfortunately). I called back and spoke with another person who didn't know anything about them and spoke to Tech Support again and the Tech Support guy called Ruston, LA a major market, and I laughed. He said we only have CableCards in major markets. Then I said I would go to the local office to handle everything.

    I went yesterday to the office, convinced them to let me install the cards myself. They removed the block on the cable that afternoon from the previous tenant of the apartment and I was good to go.
  9. Carlton

    Carlton New Member

    Jan 14, 2005
    I had read this forum so I was prepared for the suddenlink cablecard run-around, and I got it. The customer service rep had never heard of a cablecard, so he asked tech support and they said it wouldn't work in a Tivo, even though their website says it will. Then the installer showed up without the card and had to go to the office to get one. He said he had never installed one before, so I gave him the Tivo instructions. He had it up and running in 5 minutes. He said it was the easiest install he had done. It works perfectly.

    I hope this is helpful.
  10. Bassplayer

    Bassplayer New Member

    Oct 5, 2003
    Yeah - MCard installed right now, and I get some HD, but not all. Very frustrating.
  11. khickson

    khickson New Member

    Oct 3, 2009
    Lubbock, TX
    Here I go on my cablecard trip.

    First things first.

    1. Are there any alternatives to leasing a Suddenlink Digital set-top box in order to receive digital channels, including Digital Premium and HD channels?

    Yes. You can lease a CableCARD for use in either of the following:

    •"Digital-Cable-Ready" TV set (has a CableCARD slot and built-in Digital QAM tuner)
    •"Digital-Cable-Ready" device (such as a TiVo box or Microsoft Digital Cable Tuner).

    5. Why does Suddenlink offer CableCARDs?

    We and other cable operators are required to offer CableCARDs by the Federal
    Communications Commission (FCC). Suddenlink is also committed to supporting Digital-
    Cable-Ready TV sets and other Digital-Cable-Ready devices that consumer electronics
    manufacturers are developing.

    My story so far, October 1st

    Chat History
    aaron has entered the session.
    Kurt Hickson: I called in earlier today and spoke with a CSR in Lubbock concerning CableCARD's. He explained is wasn't an option but the FCC requires it. Who do I call to get CableCARD's?
    aaron: hello Kurt.
    aaron: Welcome to Suddenlink Online Support. My name is Aaron and it is my pleasure to assist you today.
    Kurt Hickson: great
    Kurt Hickson: hello Aaron.
    aaron: I am sorry but the information that you entered at the beginning did not come through correctly. How can i help you today?
    Kurt Hickson: i need 2 cablecards
    Kurt Hickson: when I called my local support they tell me it's not an option but the FCC say's differently
    aaron: Ok i will help you today.
    aaron: In order to assist you today, I will need some additional information. May I please have the city and state your services are in; the physical address, and the name on the account?
    Kurt Hickson: shouldn't that pull up considering I had to enter my account number to get here? The name is obvious.
    Kurt Hickson: Lubbock, TX, #### - ###
    aaron: Thank you! One moment please while I pull up your account.
    aaron: To confirm the account can i get the last four digits of your social.
    Kurt Hickson: ####
    aaron: Thank you Kurt.
    aaron: One moment please.
    Kurt Hickson: k
    aaron: I am setting up your order now. Thank you for your patience.
    Kurt Hickson: Thank you
    aaron: And you want the 2 cable cards added with the digital box order?
    Kurt Hickson: I haven't bought the Tivo HD yet, I guess all I need now is a digital box
    Kurt Hickson: The cablecards won't be till late October
    Kurt Hickson: cablecards can't be activated without the host device
    aaron: ok so you would only like to order for the one cable box now?
    Kurt Hickson: that'll be fine
    Kurt Hickson: the reason for contacting you is that I was told it wasn't an option
    aaron: I see the option in our system. I am sorry if you were told it was not.
    aaron: Unless they know of something that i do not know.
    aaron: But is shows the option to add a cable card to your account.
    Kurt Hickson: it's ok, just need to make sure b4 I order a tivo hd
    aaron: Let me double check the notes.
    aaron: One moment please.
    aaron: I am checking in your area to see if you can add the cable card to a TiVo box. One more moment please.
    aaron: I am sorry for the wait.
    Kurt Hickson: thanks for your help
    aaron: Ok i did confirm that we do offer cable cards in your area. Unfortunately we do not program it with your TiVo box.
    Kurt Hickson: really?
    aaron: If you are wanting to record HD programming we do offer the Suddenlink HD DVR.
    Kurt Hickson: So I can get a cablecard but Sudenlink will not program it to a Tivo.
    aaron: That is correct.

    Kurt Hickson: Is that just my area?
    aaron: In some markets where we do not offer the HD DVR we will program a cable card to the TiVo.
    Kurt Hickson: gotcha, time to call the fcc

  12. khickson

    khickson New Member

    Oct 3, 2009
    Lubbock, TX
    Suddenlink Sam called today (on a Sunday), said he was reading thru the chat logs and that Aaron gave me the wrong information too. Sam did say that a technician visit was required but that they would waive the fee because of the hassle thus far. Looks like I can order my HD box now.:rolleyes:
  13. trav1856

    trav1856 New Member

    Aug 14, 2010


    No offense bud, but you're about as useful as a fart in a spacesuit.

    You people are in direct violation of the Telecommunications Acts of 1992 and 1996, and with presented with that information, you and your little buddy Michael McKeen have refused to correct the problem.

    The provisions in the Telecommunications Act provide for the activation of CONSUMER OWNED EQUIPMENT, and I quote: "No cable operator may prevent the activation of customer owned equipment provided that the equipment is technically compatible with the cable operator's plant"....seeing as how my equipment is the EXACT equipment that you people use, and you still refuse to activate it, tell me, just how are you legal?

    The FCC has been contacted, and there will be an investigation into this matter. What strikes me as odd, it would've taken just a few man-hours to resolve this situation to everyone's liking, but instead, now you're going to have to spend untold amounts in legal fees and travel expenses to deal with this situation, when all it would've taken is a little effort on your part to make the consumer happy. Good job, buddy. I'm sure the shareholders will be impressed at the annual meeting.
  14. shaown

    shaown Member

    Jun 30, 2002
    So, my parents have had a S2 Tivo for quite a while, and I've put off their upgrade to HD for 2 years or so, waiting for Tivo prices to drop, installs to get easier, and more HD Channels to become available.

    Finally, I figured this was time to pull the trigger, I passed them down my Tivo HD (LT), picked up a new premiere for them (LT), and put in a order for 2 Cablecards with Suddenlink for install Thanksgiving week while I was home on vacation. (gives me XMAS to solve any isses).
    I hoped it would go smooth, cause 1) I have friends with CC installed in Tivos in Stillwater already 2) I've done about 10+ installs for myself and friends over the years with Cablevsion, RCN, and TimeWarner.

    I setup both boxes, most recent SW, etc etc. Installer came out first thing Monday, had two very new Motorola cards. He was a contractor from Loiusiana who had been brought out to help deal with the digital migration, and was training a new guy. They tested the lines, replaced the ends, etc. Cards were installed, Broadcast Basics were enabled but no joy on the digital channels.
    I had him double check the hostid/data/etc #s, and he said it would probably take a little bit and he woud be back. I could tell the cards were not activated - but accepted his approach. He called me back, and told me there were rehitting the cards, etc - no joy.
    They returned at end of day, tried running a brand new line (didn't mater - which I could have told him, since it was clearly an activation issue).

    This is when it turned bad - he called up a senior tech. The senior tech said - oh these Tivos require the new tuning adaptors, and we don't have them yet. Of course I knew the base digital tier (CNN HD, MSNBC HD, etc, etc) were not on SDV, and Tuning Adaptors would not prevent CC activation. I tried to convince them, and failed. They said they would reach out to their contacts and call me the next day.
    I took the initiative that night to call the Tyler Texas call center, where they confirmed we had the right Host Ids, etc, and but the cards were not active. They said they were able to hit the cards, but were not getting response. (I was suprised by this, since I though 2 way comms were not enabled, but --- maybe it was a Suddenlink thing)

    I sent a note off to Pete Abel asking for help (The TA thing had me freaked out) and he responded within minutes offering to to contact local mgmt ( GREAT!)

    The next day I got a call, they had setup the cards wrong in their system (as 2 way devices they said?), and they resetup them up, repaired them from scratch, and boom everything worked without a third visit.

    So all resolved succesfully within 28 hours or so.

    The biggest surprise, was how nice, friendly and supportive Suddenlink was. They bent over backwards to make things work. The biggest dissapointment was despite clearly have done Tivos and CCs in Stillwater in the past, they were still unclear on the process, and despite a lot of prompting from me, could not get it right the first day.

  15. Tolstoy88155

    Tolstoy88155 New Member

    Feb 10, 2008
    I just got a new Premiere for Christmas. This is the first experience with CableCards and so far it has been problematic. I went down to the SuddenLink office in Stillwater, OK and picked up the CC and installed it in the Premiere.

    I then called up SL to activate the card. The tech said he was not familiar with the process, but looked it up and got the information he needed. Most of the channels showed up without a problem, but not the Showtime digital package. Showtime works fine on the other Pace cable boxes in the house but not on the TiVo. Six total calls, replaced CC, and a truck roll and the problem still is not solved.

    The last tech I talked to seemed to think it was a problem on the cable head end. The CC does not seem to be initializing correctly. He emailed the local supervisor, the cable head tech, and the dispatcher. We're going to try it again tomorrow.

    I was hoping that since SuddenLink is a TiVo partner that they would be more familiar by now with the TiVo in general, but that does not seem to be the case.

    I do want to emphasize that despite being frustrated, it is in no way due to any rudeness from the SuddenLink employees. They have all been very friendly.
  16. Tolstoy88155

    Tolstoy88155 New Member

    Feb 10, 2008
    The second tech showed up this morning and checked the signal strength and determined that there was nothing wrong on our end. He called and had them "hit" it in a different way. All channels are now working correctly on the Premiere.

    It all seems to be a numbers game. You keep calling until you get someone who knows the one last thing to try to get it to work.
  17. lillevig

    lillevig Cold in East Iowa

    Dec 6, 2010
    Marion, Iowa
    I hope you didn't have to pay for what should have been an unnecessary truck roll. I talked to at least 12 phone techs and most kept saying I needed a truck roll. As an FYI, before the self-install mandate, it took them two separate truck rolls and lots of phone calls to get the card working in my S3HD. I e-mailed a detailed account of my travails to the Suddenlink Regional VP. You might consider doing the same so that they know how poor the training and communications are on this topic. I found his actual e-mail address on the Suddenlink website.
  18. shaown

    shaown Member

    Jun 30, 2002
    its seems like by default they want to hit them with a standard activation process that requires 2way - so they need to use an alternative?? hitting/activation process.
  19. sa_smcvic

    sa_smcvic New Member

    Jan 18, 2011
    Frustration is starting to set in on my Suddenlink install in the KY/WV market. I placed an order with sales and told him I owned my own Tivo. A week later an installer shows up with a HD Box and knew nothing about my Tivo. 2nd appointment was of no use as a second installer was going to setup a HD Box, ignoring what was already reported. My third visit was over the phone and the original installer reported that he needed to order a cable card.

    Almost going into my 3rd week of install, and hope (but doubt) I will get a successful installation. Customer service in the KY/WV market are not aware of customer owned TIVO's working with suddenlink service.

    If after 4 talks to an installer does not produce results, I'll let suddenlink of the hook and go to with satellite which ends my great relationship with my TIVO premiere.
  20. SDLshannon

    SDLshannon New Member

    Oct 3, 2012

    Hi sa_smcvic- Shannon with Suddenlink here. My apologies for any frustrations caused, and I would be happy to work with Management in KY/WV to ensure we get your installation done correctly. Please feel free to email me at shannon-AT-suddenlink-DOT-com. Thank you!

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