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airplayer to mac

Discussion in 'TiVo Stream' started by r55t, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. r55t

    r55t New Member

    Sep 26, 2012
    Has anyone tried to use apps like airplayer to stream the ios device's screen to (therefore) effectively streaming to a mac?

    My Stream will get shipped soon. I have a couple of ios devices, but I'll really like to stream to the mac-screen (larger screen size)
  2. Fofer

    Fofer XenForo Rocks!

    Oct 29, 2000
    AirServer is more polished than AirPlayer, and I just played around with it, sending the video from the TiVo app (connected to the TiVo Stream) to my MacBook Pro. Worked great via AirPlay Mirroring!

    Note that you will need to jailbreak the iPad to install the tweak called "UnrestrictPremium2" because without it, the TiVo app won't work with AirPlay at all.

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